The Advantage of Being a Self-Motivated Solopreneur

By Dawn Mentzer – Solopreneur & Freelance Writer

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Earlier in the week, I attended a networking/expo function that featured a keynote speaker who focused on “motivation” – specifically how to keep motivated personally and professionally.

While the presenter delved into the things you can do to facilitate motivation (take time for you, get enough rest andWhat motivates you? relaxation, stay away from negative people, listen to your favorite music…), there’s another side to motivation: The “prize” –  what we stand to gain from our efforts.

I’ve been thinking a bunch about what motivates me as a solopreneur.

My short list:

  1. Success (in terms of $ to some extent, but more so in recognition and reputation)
  2. Challenge (going beyond my comfort zone)
  3. Growth (building my base of knowledge, expertise and experience)
  4. Quality (putting my best foot forward in my paid & volunteer endeavors)
  5. Community (expanding my personal and professional networks)
  6. Results (seeing that what I’ve been doing is making a difference)

I’ll bet most other entrepreneurs share these (in some variation), but I’m also quite sure some of you are motivated by quite different “prizes”. Point is, it really doesn’t matter “what” you’re motivated by, but it’s that you value something enough that it incites you to push yourself, take action, take risks, defy the odds – and accomplish.

It’s in that respect that I think solopreneurs are often (not always) abundantly more fortunate than professionals who work for someone else. Our motivation to work hard is personally driven rather than determined by a job description. And that is motivating in itself.

What motivates you? Comment here…I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. There was an entire season for me where I was motivated most by my desire to stay home with my son rather than see him spending all of his time with others.

    Today, I’m motivated now by a desire to be available to people. Family, friends and beyond.

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