Solopreneurs: You ARE Your Business – Like it or not!

When you run a micro-business, there’s no separating your personal self from your brand. I don’t mean that you can’t – Careful-You are your brandor shouldn’t – have fun and make time for relaxation, but realize that everything you do is a reflection on your brand – for better or worse.

As a solopreneur, you and your business are inseparable. That means you’re representing your brand no matter where you go, who you’re with and what you’re doing. It also means your personal Facebook account should demonstrate the same integrity that you project on your business Facebook page. And the same goes for your other social media networks, too.

Here are a few things solopreneurs should avoid doing on social media – period:

  • Ranting about politics, social issues and religion
  • Singling someone out and telling the world how they’ve wronged you
  • Taking cheap shots at the competition
  • Complaining about family members
  • Posting photos that make you look like a party animal
  • Creating your own pity party
  • Cussing like a drunken sailor

Like it or not, you ARE your business as a solopreneur. And that means how you act and what you say personally as well as professionally will be linked to your brand. There will be moments when you need to bite your tongue and be more diplomatic than comes naturally to you. If you’re quick-tempered and have problems holding back your wrath, well, you’re going to need to work on that!

You + Your Brand = 1

To remain whole, strive to put your best foot forward in all situations. That will mean thinking before you speak and weighing the weight of words before you write. It won’t always be easy; but that extra attention and effort will help you build and maintain a brand that earns respect and trust.

Have you seen other solopreneurs hurt their brands by what they’ve done or said on their personal social media accounts? How closely tied is your brand to your personal self?

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