Fortune Cookie Friday Small Biz Wisdom: You Become Known For Your Generosity

Today’s takeaway from takeout:


You become known for your generosity.


To give first rather than aim to get is a networking approach many—including myself—believe is the way to go.Fortune-Cookie-Friday


Let me clarify that a bit; I don’t mean you should give away your billable services or products. Goodness no! That’s not good for your bottom line nor is it fair to your paying customers. But giving in other ways can make you stand out and build trust. It can set you apart from your competition, draw prospects to you, and keep clients coming back.


In what ways can you give that will impress potential and existing clients?


  • Offer to introduce them to—or refer someone to them—who may be a good candidate to buy their products or services.
  • Follow them and their company on their social media channels.
  • Give them shout outs on social media (mention them, tag them and their company in a status update, like or comment on their recent posts).
  • Tell them about an online tool that can save them time or otherwise make their lives easier or streamline their business tasks.
  • Send them emails with links to an article you think they’ll find interesting or helpful.
  • Endorse them on LinkedIn or write recommendations.


The point is, be generous by showing you care enough to take the time to acknowledge you value them personally and professionally.


They’ll remember that—and they’ll remember you.


Have you been generous lately? Comment here and tell us how!

By Dawn Mentzer (a.k.a. The Insatiable Solopreur™)

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