Blog Writing Services

Never fall behind on your blog content again. 

Blog content ghost writing

My SEO blog writing services are tailored to help you improve your online visibility and engage your target audience. I specialize in SEO-friendly content that’s also reader-friendly.

I subscribe to an SEO tool that allows me to:

  • Identify keywords relevant to your business and industry
  • Identify any keywords that you (or your top competitors) are currently ranking well for on Google
  • Identify the top 10 website pages ranking for specific keywords

Armed with this information, I can brainstorm topics that incorporate viable keywords and write content poised to:

  • Appeal to your readers.
  • Help improve your website’s chances of getting found in online search.
  • One-up your competition!

Also, I can monitor your website’s online visibility in relation to the keywords we focus on. That allows us to gauge how my blog writing services are impacting your overall online marketing efforts.

Of course, if you don’t want or need keyword research, I can write blog posts without all the SEO-related bells and whistles.

Articles and posts that I’ve ghost-written for my clients have appeared on high-profile blogs including:

  • Forbes
  • GoDaddy Garage
  • B-Plans
  • Social Media Today
  • Ragan’s PR Daily
  • AllBusiness
  • Intuit
  • Huffington Post
  • Accounting Today
  • AccountingWeb

If you’re pitching to an important outlet to boost the awareness and credibility of your business or personal brand, I’ll help you seal the deal. Whether you need me to do it all or fine-tune your rough drafts, I’m here to help.

If you want high-quality blog content that projects your authentic voice, reach out to me!