Got Questions About Working With Me or Freelance Writers in General?

Find Answers to FAQs Right Here

freelance copywriter frequently asked questionsHere’s a short list of questions and answers relative to how I work – plus some that will help you better understand the nature of working with freelance writers in general.

Rates and Billing

Q. What are your freelance writing rates?

A. Because every project and every client’s needs are different, I don’t have a standard rate schedule. I price every project individually based on the specifics of the assignment. Among the factors that affect pricing are the amount of time needed to develop creative concepts, meetings, research, writing, and collaboration.

Q. What is your billing procedure?

A. After you’ve signed my proposal and have agreed to the scope of work, deadline, and pricing of a project, I generally require a 50% down payment before I begin my work. The remaining balance is then invoiced after I’ve submitted all initial draft content to you, and that balance will be due within 30 days of the invoice date.

Q. Do you charge extra if I want revisions to your draft content?

A. Not if we’ve agreed on a project rate. As long as you submit your change requests to me within 30 days after I’ve emailed you my initial draft content, I include all revisions in the project rate. The only exceptions are when clients change their minds about the overall direction or substance of the content or when we’ve agreed that a project should be billed on an hourly basis.

Project Turn-around Time

Q. How far in advance do I need to contact you about starting to work on a project?

A. That can vary depending on my existing workload for clients who I’m already committed to and whether you need the entire project done in one fell swoop or if (in the case of larger projects) you are willing to accept portions of the content over a scheduled period of time. Generally, I give myself enough leeway in my project schedule to accommodate starting new projects within 7 – 10 working days.

Q. Do you accept rush assignments and do they cost more?

A. Sometimes I do accept projects that require a faster than normal turn-around—if my project schedule allows. Of course, my loyal, repeat clients get top priority when it comes to last-minute content needs.

Q. When is it best for me to get you involved in a project?

A. Not too early and not too late! You’ll want to engage me in your project when you have a good understanding of what you want to accomplish and when you’ll be available to answer questions and provide timely feedback after receiving draft content from me.

Assignments that start before clients are certain of what they want or that get stretched out over time because they lack the time to focus on the project present challenges. Also, they can result in added costs if writing needs to be redone because of changes in the original scope of work.

Waiting until the last minute to ask me to help with a project can create issues, too. Because I’m usually working with several clients at a time, I usually have time committed to projects every day of the week. Please contact me as soon as you know your requirements so that I can reserve time to accommodate your target due dates.

Niches and Topics

Q. Can you write content for my business even if you’ve never worked in my industry?

A. Almost always, yes! By talking with you and educating myself on the nuances of your business and your audience, I prepare myself to write fluently in your niche. I’m very adaptable and versatile, and I have a knack for grasping complex concepts quickly.

Working with Freelance Writers

Q. Why are freelance writers’ rates so varied?

A. There really doesn’t seem to be an “average” rate for freelance writers. Writers’ rates will depend on their level of experience, the type of writing they do, their geographical location, the quality of their work, and several other factors. If ever you’re quoted a rate that seems way too good to be true; be sure to see samples of the writer’s work before signing a contract. Generally, I think it’s true that you most often will get what you pay for.

Q. Is there an advantage to working with a full-time freelance writer rather than one who is doing it as a side job?

A. While there are capable part-time freelance writers, writers who are completely dedicated to their craft will naturally have more time available to accept assignments and work on projects. That’s something to consider if you want deadlines met and need a writer with availability to collaborate during business hours.