Copywriting For Video Scripts And Print Marketing

Here to Partner With You on Your Video and Print Marketing Projects.

It might seem strange to mention video scripts and print marketing in the same breath, but they have something very important in common; they rely on both imagery and words to work together to convey information and evoke the right emotion and action.

Video Script Writing

Video script writingWhether you need content for a 30-second TV spot for an adventure resort, a 3-minute video tour of a destination town, or something altogether different, I’m ready to help. I’ll work with you and your video production team to zero in on what your audience needs to know and will find most fascinating. Then I’ll write your script with not only that in mind, but also with attention to the tone and voice that will resonate most with your viewers.

Print Marketing

Copywriting for print marketingI also work with companies’ internal marketing departments and marketing and design firms to craft copy for print marketing collateral.

  • Brochures
  • Product spec sheets
  • Door hangers
  • Direct mail ads
  • Sales letters
  • Booklets
  • More!

I’ll help you make your tangible pieces of marketing messaging more memorable – so you’ll get more mileage from them!

With video and print projects, you’ll find my approach fully collaborative and my writing style very versatile. Contact me about your upcoming projects!