triose-logoTRIOSE, Wyomissing, PA

Solution: Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, And A Custom Billing Application

Established in 1999, TRIOSE has earned accolades as a third-party logistics partner to the healthcare industry. The Wyomissing, PA organization delivers freight in, out, and within a health system to meet providers’ and patients’ needs. The TRIOSE solutions help healthcare organizations lower their supply chain costs. TRIOSE has relationships with hundreds carriers, but is proud to have a strategic corporate alliance with UPS. Their full suite of logistics services includes management of small parcel, large cargo freight, international shipping, construction logistics, specialized transportation, and courier management.

The Challenge: Growth Without Systems That Could Scale

According to Devon Hanney, Finance Manager, at TRIOSE, “We have been very fortunate to experience significant growth in the past few years, and we wanted a system that could provide even greater value to our clients while helping us create some operational efficiencies.”

TRIOSE asked Cargas to analyze and evaluate its business processes in their entirety to see where efficiencies might be made. Cargas determined TRIOSE’s billing and accounting systems needed streamlining first, followed by its customer relationship management (CRM) system.

“TRIOSE has a rigorous auditing and billing process for our clients,” explained Hanney. “Cargas was able to take our current process and streamline it into an automated process that allows us to create invoices and reports with much greater ease.”

TRIOSE also wanted a CRM system that could integrate and provide information across all departments. They wanted everyone in the company to have a full view of the clients’ activity.

After evaluating a number of companies, we selected Cargas Systems. Cargas is a locally owned company that could provide us the on-site resources to develop and implement their solutions. It was a good match. Our companies had like values, and Cargas put in the extra effort to understand our complex business needs instead of having a one-size-fits-all mindset.

Devon Hanney, Finance Manager, at TRIOSE

The Solution: Intacct Cloud Accounting Software, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, And A Custom-Created Cargas Application

With the combination of Intacct cloud accounting software and “Unicorn” (a custom business application), Cargas built a custom billing solution to meet the unique needs of TRIOSE, supporting their business processes and keeping their healthcare clients in mind.

The Intacct features used by TRIOSE include the platform’s multi-entity, core financials, and order entry functionality.

“We can now readily access accurate data on a daily basis, and Intacct allows us to have dashboards that make it easy to review and analyze data,” shared Hanney. “We can generate reports so our company’s owners can have information about cash flow, P&L, and more at their fingertips.”

Unicorn has already succeeded in saving Hanney’s billing team time. Using various billing parameters, Unicorn automates billing for their healthcare clients. Some of the application’s key features include customized cost allocation, invoicing, and address validation.

Hanney’s team now has more automated control over the billing process because of the solution. “It has removed some of the need for manual steps during the billing process—and as a result, saves us time and minimizes the risks of error. Unicorn has the capacity to handle massive amounts of data—parsing and scrubbing it to ensure its integrity. It also applies pricing and automates our billing process. A simple invoice that used to require 45 minutes to process, now takes just 15 minutes.”

Eventually, Unicorn will also integrate with TRIOSE’s financials.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution is currently being implemented and will serve as TRIOSE’s one-stop repository for all its client information. It will enable the company to provide greater value to its clients through more efficient access to and sharing of customer data between TRIOSE team members.

“Anyone in our company will be able to view our clients’ information and see all the contact history, transactions, and relevant notes to serve customers better,” said Hanney. “Our operations and sales departments—employees who are client-facing or vendor-facing—will use it most. It will interface with Outlook and provide ease in accessing data about customers and our past interactions with them.”

Benefits: Scalability and Cost Efficiency

Hanney said that after all three products are fully implemented, everyone within the company will be interacting with and benefiting from each of them on some level.

“We’ll have better insight into our customers and our financials—and we’ll save time and money,” explained Hanney. “We’ll have the freedom to do more extensive data analysis and reporting, tasks we didn’t have the capacity to do before.”

She shared that her staff has been pushing out thousands of invoices a year and will be able to do far more through the automation the solution provides—and that will support the company’s rapid growth without adding additional full-time employees.

“I would recommend Cargas to other businesses who struggle with systems and processes that they may have outgrown or systems that have become inefficient. Our dedicated team from Cargas—Jon, Rob, and Jodie—took the time to learn our processes and grasp how each piece of the puzzle is connected. They really understand our business and are always responsive to our needs.”