Advice. What We Ask For When We Already Know the Answer?—Fortune Cookie Friday

This week’s note of wisdom from takeout challenged me.Fortune Cookie Friday Small Business Advice


“Sometimes advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer.”


I usually equate asking for advice with needing guidance when I don’t know what to do or say in a particular situation. But after thinking about it a bit more, I suppose I have on occasion requested advice from other small business professionals when I pretty much knew how to proceed but needed to bolster my confidence.


Most times, we seek advice from people with more experience, authority, or knowledge than we have about something. So it makes sense that we could know the right action to take and still want advice.


Advice As Confirmation

As a solopreneur or small business owner, getting validation that we’re heading in the right direction from someone we respect and admire can…


  • Motivate us.
  • Drive us to accomplish.
  • Prevent us from procrastinating.


Consider Business Advice Carefully

When you ask other business professionals for advice, keep in mind they draw from their own frames of reference and experiences. They might very easily be able to relate to your unique circumstances, but in some instances they may not.


For example, if someone were to ask for my thoughts on what to tell an employee whose performance has been lackluster, I wouldn’t know how to best advise them. As a solopreneur, I don’t have any employees on payroll, and my assistant is a most capable, responsible independent contractor.


But that doesn’t mean you should discount advice when it doesn’t match what you were anticipating to hear. When receiving guidance that goes against what you were expecting—or hoping—to get, ask yourself these questions:


  • Why was I expecting something different?
  • Is it reasonable and rational?
  • What outcome can I envision by following that advice instead of what I was proposing to do?


Know that just because you ask for advice doesn’t mean you have to take it. Think it through. And do what you believe will ultimately be best for your small business.


Your turn! What types of advice do you ask for from other small business professionals? Who do you turn to for advice?

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Don’t Give Up! – Fortune Cookie Friday Post

It wasn’t too long ago that one of my Fortune Cookie Friday posts focused on persistence as a key characteristic of solopreneurs and small business owners. This week’s nugget of wisdom from within my fortune cookie centers on a similar quality…

“It is not in your character to give up.”

If anyone tells you it’s a breeze to be an entrepreneur, they’re flat out lying to you. It can be fulfilling beyond anything else you’ve ever done professionally, but it’s hard work. Times get tough and there will be moments when you think – if only for a fleeting moment – of throwing in the towel. But as a solopreneur, “It is not in your character to give up.”

So many variables can plant the seed of self-doubt when you’re building a business.

  • Competition
  • Long hours
  • Clients with unreasonable expectations
  • Marketing challenges
  • Financial constraints
  • Prohibitive regulations

All challenges deserve your time in evaluating how they’ll shape your business’s future, but don’t ever enter into assessing them with the thought that you might give up. Instead, view obstacles as hurdles, not road blocks.

Hurdles can be jumped over.

Road blocks stop you short.

After doing due diligence, the possibility exists that a challenge will be deemed insurmountable. But don’t ever adopt an attitude of expecting that to happen. When up against adversity, tell yourself: “It is not in your character to give up,” before you research to find if  you’re faced with a hurdle or a road block.

What small business hurdles challenge your positivity? Have any obstacles ever shaken your confidence as an entrepreneur?