You’re Not Perfect! Get Over It and Get Things Done!

I expect a lot of myself. I admit it. I’m a perfectionist. Perfect person

The problem is I’m not perfect. Not even close.

Many of the other solopreneurs I know hold very high standards for themselves, too. And while it’s good to always strive to do your best, there’s a downside if you’re too focused on never erring. Fear of stumbling can put you in a state of inertia. Fear of trial and error can halt you from gaining new clients and expanding your business potential.

I think most solopreneurs know that holding back can hold them back, but sometimes a little reinforcement is in order. I’m not the only blogger to address the topic of perfectionism in business. If you’re a perfectionist and find that it’s cramping your entrepreneurial style, check out these interesting reads on the topic…

Why Perfectionism and Business Don’t Mix by Dawn Barclay via Living Moxie – Includes some great tips for saving your sanity!

How Perfectionism Ruins Businesses and Startups by Wayne Harrel – Serves to remind us to not get fixated on any one thing. Move onward and get past what’s less than perfect when building your business.

Does this Business Make Me Look Fat? (Or, How to Silence That Voice in Your Head) by Tea (The Chef) Silvestre via The Word Chef – A humorous approach to helping you figure out if you’re your own worst enemy – and some great practical tips for overcoming your perfectionist ways.

So now, as I – in true perfectionist fashion – stress over things like…Did I miss any spelling or punctuation mistakes? Will anyone be interested in this topic? Is my title engaging enough? Will readers relate to this?…I hope you’ll find some takeaways in this post that help you overcome the perfectionist tendencies that are stopping you from achieving.

How has perfectionism slowed you down in your business? What ways do you counter that inner voice that constantly doubts your abilities? I welcome your comments!

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Oklahoma Tornado Puts “Challenge” into Perspective

I just wrote about the challenges of being a solopreneur for a guest post (to be published later this week on As I watch and read the news coverage of the Oklahoma City area twister, however, the hurdles and obstacles that I’ve touched on seem incredibly small and insignificant by comparison.

Reality check.
While most challenges we face as solopreneurs are foreseeable, there will always be the unexpected and unimaginable. Disasters can strike and they don’t care about how well you’ve written your business plan; they don’t care that you just signed on your biggest client ever; they don’t care if your website ranks on the first page of Google or whether you’ve got 2 or 200,000 followers on Twitter. Disasters happen to struggling people and to successful people. They can happen to anyone.

Be appreciative.
I don’t mean to freak you out or make you feel like disaster is inevitable, but I do ask you to recognize that there is so very much in this world that is not within our control. Despite preparedness, some turns of events are bigger than we are. I think it’s important for us to realize that and to be grateful for all that we have – no matter how imperfect or unpolished – each and every day.

Please keep your hearts with those in Oklahoma as they deal with challenges that are far beyond what most of us will ever encounter.

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