Fortune Cookie Friday: “You Will Be Fortunate In Every Thing.”

Fortune Cookie Friday has returned! And with it, more profound business advice from within those folded confections we all love to crack open after a nice pint of chicken lo mein.


“You Will Be Fortunate In Every Thing.”

My last Fortune Cookie Friday post focused on how to facilitate and attract “good news”. But sometimes, despite your best efforts and intentions, you’ll find yourself faced with less than positive responses and results.

Success is never “a given”, and you’re bound to encounter a few occasional steps backward before your business continues to move forward. Setbacks can be a thorn in the solopreneur’s side. They can distract you from providing the quality your clients deserve. They can deflate your self-confidence and stamina.

They can do those detrimental things and more, but they don’t have to. Not if you don’t let them.

Your attitude toward adversity in business can do more than make you difficult or easy to deal with day in and day out. It can also affect your future success. If you view even negative experiences as learning opportunities, you truly will be fortunate in every thing. That type of open mindedness allows you to objectively take stock of situations that seem hopeless so you can:

  • Dissect them to figure out what went wrong.
  • Identify why they went wrong.
  • Determine if you can do something to avoid the issue again in the future.
  • Make your business stronger by taking action and making changes.

Turning lemons into lemonade is a skill set that all entrepreneurs should practice daily. Although none of us want to roll out the red carpet for bitter experiences, challenges do have a sweet side – after you acquire a taste for them!

How do  you deal with setbacks in your business? How have your failures or challenges helped you move upward and onward?