Falling In Love Again: Tips For Rekindling Your Passion For Your Business

Angry-boy-clenching-fistsNo matter how much passion you have for your business, you’ll experience moments of feeling overwhelmed, under-motivated, frustrated, confused, unappreciated, and unsure.

Yep. You won’t absolutely 100% love every moment as a solopreneur. Anyone who tells you they do is exaggerating.

There’s no shame in admitting you don’t adore your journey in self-employment 24/7 all 365 days of the year. But when working full time in your business, you’ve got to push through the difficult moments so you can deliver the level of quality your clients expect from you.

Even when the honeymoon is over and you’re not outright feeling the love, you’ve got to dig deep and find it. At the very least, you need find something in your work and your status as solopreneur that will give you an attitude adjustment and incentive to dive in and produce.


Tips for Rejuvenating Your Relationship With Your Business

Step away for a while

Take a little break—if only for a day or a weekend. Heck, even an hour or a few minutes can make a difference. Mental and physical separation can do wonders for us. Researchers have found that even short breaks can significantly improve our ability to focus on our tasks for longer periods.

Get grateful

Take a few minutes to reflect on what you have to be thankful for. Making a living doing what you’re best at. Clients who appreciate you. A complimentary email that brightened your day. According to Psychology Today, an attitude of gratitude benefits us in a big way:

 “Studies show that we can deliberately cultivate gratitude, and can increase our well-being and happiness by doing so. In addition, grateful thinking—and especially expression of it to others—is associated with increased levels of energy, optimism, and empathy.”

Get organized

If your desk or your computer files are in disarray, work can become far more difficult to manage. And if you’ve let work pile up, you’ll start to feel overwhelmed and disenchanted. Some attention to time management can help you avoid these snafus. Check out this post and video by Catherine Morgan for some pointers on getting stuff done.

Raise your rates

If you’re feeling under-motivated when working on certain projects or when working with certain clients, it could be you’re feeling your work is undervalued. You might consider reviewing and revising rates to customers who you’ve been giving the same rates for several years in a row. Especially if you brought them in on rates much, much lower than what you’re charging now to new clients.

 If you do, it’s important to do it rationally and tactfully. After all, they’re your loyal customers and you don’t want to lose them over a few dollars. Be careful to thank them for their continued business and explain that while you’ve been happy to give them a discounted rate you now need to make some small adjustments. You might even share what the “market rate” is for the kind of work you’ve been doing. Even if you won’t take them in full to your current rates, raising their rates a small degree might make you feel fairly compensated and more enthusiastic. At the same time, it likely won’t put too much of a hurting on their bottom line.

Say “Goodbye”

Having just said what I did about raising rates and preserving customers in the process, you might (in some cases) do better by cutting a few low-paying or high-maintenance customers loose. You’ll likely find it more lucrative to spend the time and energy wasted on them finding higher paying, more cooperative clients. Realize you may decrease your revenue at first. But after you find better clients to fill the void, you’ll be better off.

 Check out entrepreneur Rachel Strella’s blog post How To Know When It’s Time To Fire A Client for more insight about situations where saying goodbye is the right move.

  If you’re not feeling all warm and cozy about your business, take a moment to think about why. Most likely you’ve still got that fire burning; you just need to rekindle it. I hope these tips will help you do just that!

Chime in here! How do you rediscover your passion for your business during times of “meh”?

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By Dawn Mentzer

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Inspiration & Motivation – Look for Them in the Most Unlikely Places

Have you ever experienced unexpected moments when someone or something – without effort or intention – has made youSunlight filtering through clouds want to do better or do more?

I had one of those last night at my local chamber’s business women’s networking mixer. While you might think that the accomplished professionals in attendance and their successes were what inspired me, my boost in mojo instead came from a rather unlikely source.

A Networking Experience Like No Other

During a timed networking exercise where we had precisely one-minute to share about our businesses and ourselves with the other women seated at our table, a petite, quiet 62-year-old lady originating from Thailand, Penny, introduced herself to the group.  This was Penny’s first interaction at a chamber event. She brought home-made, handwritten business cards made from cut up index cards. On them, she shared her name, email address, mobile phone number, and her professional specialties: Thai language, Art, and Culture.

When it was Penny’s turn with the timer, she shared that her skills include teaching the Thai language and culture to anyone who is interested. She’s also available to help prepare food for parties – and is skilled at transforming fruits and veggies into art by cutting them into the likeness of flowers. Penny will babysit for busy professionals who need a night out, too.

A Great First Impression – and an Inspiration

While I didn’t quite grasp Penny’s entire background because my ears and her accent didn’t cooperate with each other 100%, I couldn’t miss her courage, determination, and sweet character. Penny may not have been as polished as the other women in the room last night, but she was prepared. Prepared to put herself out there and make an effort. She demonstrated fearlessness even though I imagine she was to some degree nervous and unsure about the reception she’d receive.

Penny wowed me. Not because of her professional prowess, accomplishments, or particular skill-set, but because she dared to  face uncertainty and step outside of her comfort zone. From that brief encounter with Penny, she has inspired me to put a little extra effort into my “get up and go.”

Acceptance – and Pride 

Not only did Penny impress me last night, so did the other women at the event.  The warmth they showed Penny was genuine and heartfelt. Not that I expected anything less from them, but  to reflect on their encouragement of Penny brings a smile to my face. There was no judging, no superiority – only acceptance and encouragement. I’ve always had pride in being a part of the business community in Lancaster County, but I’m even more proud after last night.

Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open – Inspiration is All Around You

To forge forward as a solopreneur or small business owner, I believe it’s important to find people, events, and experiences that rejuvenate your entrepreneurial energy. Good news is, you’ve likely got them all around you right now. Be aware. Be appreciative. And you’ll surely be inspired.

Where have you found inspiration and motivation in an unlikely place?

By Dawn Mentzer

Image courtesy of Toa55 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net