Dawn Mentzer, Who?

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about me! If you’re visiting this page, you’re likely checking to see if I’m someone who you can envision yourself working with.


A mutually beneficial fit sets the stage for optimal results

Dedication to My Craft — and Your Success

Content writing is my full-time, one-and-only gig. It’s not some side hustle that gets “fit in” when time allows. When you work with me, you get an experienced professional focused on helping you achieve your marketing goals. I take my job of putting words to work for your business seriously.

You can expect that I will:

  • Ask questions so that I understand your needs and goals.
  • Ask more questions to draw out the information I need from you so that I can craft content that is as close to ready-for-prime-time the first time around.
  • Keep you updated on your project’s status.
  • Follow up if I haven’t heard from you after I asked for information or feedback.
  • Meet deadlines (as long as you give me what I need when I ask for it).

My Background

I started my freelance writing business in 2010. Up until that time, I had spent much of my career in a regional telecommunication company’s marketing department as a product development manager. Prior to that, I worked part-time as a marketing and public relations assistant for a regional performing arts theater and as a bartender.

I have a BS degree in Communications with a concentration in Journalism from Millersville University.

My Interests Beyond My Work

I share my home office with my side-kick Lulu, our rescue pitbull-mix. I share my life with my husband and daughter.

When I’m not writing for you or other clients, I spend a lot of time on physical fitness. Back in the day, I competed in amateur-level body-building contests and coached a team of competitors at our local recreation center. These days, I remain dedicated to working out, but I’ve adapted my routine to one that’s kinder to my spine (scoliosis is my cross to bear).

I also enjoy:

  • Cooking up a keto storm
  • Camping
  • Reading fiction
  • Sipping some craft beer, wine, or bourbon with friends

Enough About Me

Let’s talk about YOU. If you need content writing services and want to explore if we’re a good match, please get in touch!