My Content Writing and Copywriting Services

How can I help you? I write content and copy for an array of projects in a variety of industries.

In all I do, I apply the best of my left-brain creativity and right-brain analytical thought to help clients showcase their expertise and unique value. Learn more about my services below, and then connect with me to discuss your most pressing content needs.

Blogs & Websites


My SEO writing services for blogs and websites are tailored to help you improve your online visibility and engage your target audience. Of course, providing value to your prospective clients and existing customers is always the top priority. I craft content that’s both SEO-focused and reader-friendly.

I subscribe to an SEO tool that allows me to:

  • Identify keywords relevant to your business and industry
  • Identify any keywords that you (or your top competitors) are currently ranking well for on Google
  • Identify the top website pages ranking for specific keywords

Armed with this information, I can brainstorm topics that incorporate viable keywords and write content poised to:

  • Appeal to your readers.
  • Help improve your website’s chances of getting found in online searches.
  • One-up your competition!

Of course, if you’re working with an SEO specialist, I will be happy to collaborate with them and follow their lead in advancing your brand.

And if you don’t want or need keyword research, I can write blog posts without all the SEO-related bells and whistles.

Email Marketing Writing & Newsletter Content

My email marketing writing services will help your message rise above the noise, capture subscribers’ attention, and keep them interested. I also craft compelling content for company newsletters.

Social Media Copywriting Services


It can be daunting to brainstorm ideas and write fresh, engaging content that gives people a reason to stay tuned in to your social media pages. I help alleviate that pressure with copywriting for:

  • Social media ads
  • Social media posts
  • Social media profiles (companies and individuals)

Content Editing

Have you created your own marketing content, but it needs a professional writer’s touch? Let the transformation begin! I’m here to fine-tune your draft content and elevate it from “ordinary” to “exceptional.” I’ll suggest revisions to improve the flow of your content, eliminate redundancy and wordiness, smooth out rough spots, add some oomph to keep your audience captivated, and make short work of sneaky grammar and punctuation snafus.

Other Freelance Content Writing Services

content-image-pro-canva-purchasedI work on a variety of other types of marketing writing assignments, too. Other projects in my wheelhouse include:

  • Case studies
  • Brainstorming slogans and taglines
  • Ghostwriting articles for industry publications
  • Press release writing
  • Executive bios
  • Fine-tuning wording of company mission, vision, and values statements
  • Sales letter content

Please reach out and share your specific needs. If I’m not the right fit for your project, I’ll tell you straight up. And, if I know of someone with the skills and experience you’re looking for, I’ll connect you with them.