The One Thing Your Freelance Writer Needs to Write Exceptional Content for You

Have you ever hired a freelance writer and been disappointed by the work they produced? Have you felt frustrated, exasperated, or even angry that they just didn’t “get it”?

Maybe the writer simply wasn’t up to the task — not skilled enough to capture your brand’s voice, structure content effectively, or otherwise write something that flows well and offers value to your audience.

Or, maybe you didn’t give them the one thing that can make all the difference: access to your subject matter experts.

 Even writers with experience writing about a topic will benefit from the opportunity to provide questions and get answers from the people who work in your company. Your subject matter experts (SMEs) have not only knowledge of the topic but also a unique understanding of its application within your business.

While writers can find a plethora of information online, online research alone will not enable them to produce the highest-quality content possible. Nuances exist in your industry, in your customers’ needs, and in how your company serves your customers. 

A writer won’t find that information by consulting Google or ChatGPT.

Your SMEs are the only people who can give your writer that level of detail and understanding. 

Benefits of Connecting Your Freelance Writer With Your Company’s SMEs 

1. Ensures Accuracy

When writers rely on online resources alone, they may not be able to tell if the information they find is correct. And when sources contradict each other, it becomes more difficult to weed out what’s right or wrong. 

By including your SMEs early in the process, writers can get accurate information first-hand and then use online research as a secondary tool for fleshing out talking points.

At the very least, your SMEs should review your writer’s drafts to confirm accuracy and correct errors before you publish content. 

2. Saves Time — and MONEY

Don’t you hate it when a writer submits content with misinformation or terminology you typically don’t use in your industry? That’s far less likely to happen if you let them talk with your SMEs BEFORE they research and write content for you.

No one — neither you nor your writer — wants to spend time going back and forth on a piece of content. Moreover, if your writer is billing you hourly, you’ll rack up extra costs — costs that you could have avoided had you brought your SMEs into the loop.

3. Produces More Compelling Content 

Your SMEs bring unique work experiences, perspectives, and lessons learned to the table. Their input can help your writer create distinctive and more interesting content than the bland, non-distiguishable stuff other businesses publish.

Pushing Back Makes No Sense

I’ve heard it all from some clients who don’t want to involve their SMEs.

Responses akin to:

“Our team is too busy. Just write something and we’ll look it over and let you know if we have any changes.”

“It really doesn’t matter. We just need to get some content up on our blog.”

“No need to pass it along to [insert SME name], it looks good to me.”

Agghhh! Yes, your SMEs are busy, but the time they spend providing input and reviewing content will ensure accuracy and enhance your brand’s credibility. Your SMEs are authorities on what your company does and specialists in their fields. Why wouldn’t you want to include them in the content creation process?

By allowing them to collaborate with your writer, you’ll save time and set your brand apart with high-quality content that stands out and solidifies your brand as a trusted authority in your industry.

Your turn! In what ways do you engage your SMEs in your content creation process? How does it help you differentiate your brand?

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