20-Minute Tactical Plan for Tackling Social Media

Time. Finding enough of it is arguably the biggest hurdle facing solopreneurs and small business owners when it comes to their social media efforts.

Recently Lisa Buyer posted 18 Minutes a Day to Social Media Time Management which gives some great advice for strategizing and improving your social media focus.

If you’re continuously in crunch mode, here’s a tactical plan for fitting social media engagement and interaction efforts into your break-neck busy day.

20-Minute Daily Plan for Tackling Social Media

Step 1: Glance over your Twitter Timeline for an article title that will appeal to your Facebook audience = 1 Minute

Step 2: Read the article (Never, EVER re-post something if you haven’t read it first!) = 2 Minutes

Step 3: Like it? Post to your Facebook page = 1 Minute

Step 4: Glance over your Twitter Timeline for an article title that will appeal to your LinkedIn audience = 1 Minute

Step 5: Read the article = 2 Minutes

Step 6: Like it? Post as a LinkedIn update = 1 Minute

Step 7: Retweet the articles you just posted on Facebook and LinkedIn = 30 Seconds

Step 8: Skim through your RSS subscriptions for an article that will appeal to your Twitter followers = 1 minute

Step 9: Read it = 2 Minutes

Step 10: Tweet it = 30 Seconds

Step 11: Scan, read, retweet, and mention articles from your Twitter Timeline to engage your Twitter followers for the remaining 8 minutes. (Remaining time will vary if you don’t find good quality articles during your initial skimming activities.)

Quality content, consistency and ongoing commitment are most important, so don’t get stressed over the quantity of your posts. Stay the course, and you’ll see your base of loyal followers grow and interaction with your brand increase.

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