7 Reasons Why It Rocks to be a Small Biz Owner

National Small Business Week 2014 has arrived! May 12 – 16 is a time to celebrate the achievements of small It rocks to be a small biz owner.businesses – and acknowledge their positive impact on our local communities.

If you’re a small biz owner, it’s also time to reflect on why it rocks to be who you are and do what you do! Who’s with me?

7 Things to Celebrate About being a Small Business Owner

  • Satisfaction of creating your own career destiny and building something from the ground up.
  • The opportunity to do what you enjoy – and get paid for it!
  • Flexibility with your schedule
  • Camaraderie of other small business owners
  • Opportunities for personal and professional development at every turn
  • Looking back, and realizing, “Wow, I’ve come a long way!”
  • Never a dull moment

Now nearly half way through my fifth year of working in my freelance writing business, I’m grateful for all of the above.

I wouldn’t call these past 4+ years easy; I’ve worked harder than ever before. But knowing it has been on my terms has somehow made the occasional moments of stress, frazzle, and exhaustion more bearable than when I experienced them working for others in a corporate environment.

I know my fellow freelancers and small biz owners also work exceptionally hard to build their businesses, make a name for their brands, and satisfy their customers.

So here’s to you, friends! I salute you for your determination and tireless effort to consistently show the world that small businesses might be small, but they’re also mighty in many ways.

P.S. Here are a few ideas to go the extra mile to support your small business community this week:

  • Schedule your client meetings at  locally-owned coffee shops or eateries.
  • Buy your Father’s Day (or belated Mother’s Day) gifts  at a privately-owned gift shop.
  • If you’ve got Happy Hour plans with anyone, move them to a small-town pub in your area.
  • It’s never too early to start tackling your Christmas shopping. Get a jump on it at local boutiques and specialty shops.
  • Give your favorite locally-owned stores, restaurants, and service businesses a shout out on social media.
  • Visit Yelp, Google Reviews, Foursquare, Trip Advisor, etc. and write glowing reviews of  your favorite small businesses.

By Dawn Mentzer
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