3 Reasons Far-Reaching Solopreneurs Should Hold Fast to Local Roots

Business technology is beautiful! It enables us to expand our reach far and wide as solopreneurs. We can network, communicate, collaborate and complete projects across the cloud – and across the world – without ever talking on the phone or meeting in person. Without a doubt, we’re faster and more efficient than ever before.

But that doesn’t mean local relationships aren’t necessary to solo-professionals.

As unlimited as your potential may be to do business online and out of your geographical territory, building camaraderie with other professionals in your own back yard remains important. Even if you do the bulk of your business out of the area, strong local ties bring unique benefits.

Solopreneurial Support System

Chances are your local business community includes solopreneurs of all varieties who deal with the same challenges and issues that you do. Many of them are probably ready and willing to offer their insight over a cup of coffee to help you overcome the obstacles that they’ve encountered and persevered over. Nothing trumps advice from someone who has walked the walk and beaten the odds.

Targeted Referrals
Getting to know nearby professionals face to face allows the opportunity for you to establish trust more quickly and easily than you might be able to online or over the phone. When people take the time to meet you in person, they’re showing genuine interest in learning about you and what you offer – and that can increase the odds of you getting meaningful referrals. Just remember to be equally engaged in listening about the other person’s business, products and services so you can reciprocate by giving targeted referrals in return.

Sense of Belonging

Though the majority of your work might be untethered to a single space, having professional roots provides stability and identity. Being an active participant in your local business community also allows you to be involved in something larger than yourself. In short – It feels good. It’s motivating. It feels like home.

Share your thoughts! What perks have you discovered by developing relationships in your local business community? Any of you find that it hasn’t helped you very much?

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