4 Ways to Keep Love for your Business Alive after the Honeymoon is Over

Starting a new business is exciting, exhilarating…and kind of sexy! There’s a great deal of satisfaction and gratificationHappy Valentine's Day in putting in long hours, facing challenges and moving things forward as a budding solopreneur. You can sense the electricity in the air. You feel boundless energy.And then, you wake up one morning to realize that you’re no longer in that intense mode of the unknown and the unexpected. You’re operating a business – and you’re responsible for paying attention to a lot of less-than-titillating details day in and day out. A downer, right?
It doesn’t need to be!Sure, the honeymoon might be over, but that doesn’t mean that your relationship with your business is. Like any relationship worth keeping for the long haul, the one you have with your business will change over time. It won’t always be chocolates and roses, but there are some things you can do to keep the magic alive. That involves making an effort to appreciate what you have – and nurture the bond that you share.A few ideas for how to treat your business right and keep the love alive…

Wine and dine it

Get out and mix and mingle with like-minded business professionals in casual settings where you can relax and enjoy yourself. Chamber of Commerce mixers and other networking events provide opportunities to escape from the grind and make face-to-face connections while sipping cocktails and noshing on hors d’oeuvres.

Take it out of town

Sometimes you and your business simply need a change of scenery and perspective to reinstate your passion. Whether you take one day to go to a nearby social media seminar or leave the home office behind for a 4-day professional development conference, leaving town for a learning opportunity can help motivate you to do business better.

Take some time apart

When you’re feeling burned out, it just might be time to take a little break. Completely remove yourself and your mind from your business for a weekend and do something you enjoy. Make a spa appointment, go biking or hiking, rent that bunch of movies you’ve been wanting to watch…just make sure you focus on only non-business activities. And when Monday rolls around, you’ll feel energized and ready to once again devote yourself to your business.

Don’t hold it to unrealistic standards

We’re always the toughest on the ones we love. Though we know that’s not fair, we can’t help ourselves. Keep in mind that your business is under a lot of pressure from a variety of sources – vendors, clients, finances, regulations, competition and the list goes on. You’ll find that it will sometimes make mistakes, drop the ball or in some other way fall short of your expectations. Don’t chastise it. Forgive it – and find ways for it to do better next time. Because all it really wants to do is make you happy.

Happy Valentine’s Day! XOXO to you and your business!

6 comments on “4 Ways to Keep Love for your Business Alive after the Honeymoon is Over
  1. releader says:

    Thank you for this great Valentine’s Day gift of perspective. Your words on maintaining a successful long term relationship could not be more apropos for those of us engaged in the real estate profession. I’ve been doing it now for a dozen years and am constantly looking for ways to keep the romance fresh and alive.

    • dawnmentzer says:

      Hi Tyler! I imagine you’ve got more than a few other ideas for rekindling the fire. The real estate industry certainly has gone through its share of challenging times, so you’ve obviously mastered how to see the good in your business even when it might not have been treating you as well as it should have. 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your wife!

  2. Oh, I have those days….. you wish you’d never met! Your first tip is a great one and that always works for me. I belong to some networking groups and sometimes agree to go to a seminar/event/whatever but then the day before, all I can think about is how much I don’t want to go so I complain and grumble. But when I actually get myself out the door and meet with other people it’s really invigorating. You get to be an expert all over again, share your ideas, tell a few horror stories, make a few jokes… love it! Just don’t invite me to anything because I won’t want to go 🙂

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