5 Things a Freelance Writer Can Do to Make You Look Better in 2012

Occasionally, I run into a blank stare when I tell someone I’m a freelance writer. And in all fairness to the folks doing the staring, the job title is rather vague. It’s not always easy to determine what value hiring a freelance writer might provide. Sometimes professionals need a freelance writer and don’t even realize it.

So, how can a freelance writer make you look better in 2012?

Add Polish to Your Profiles on Social Media Networks and Online Directories

Sometimes prospective clients will find you on your social media networks before they visit your website. The first impression you make on Linkedin, your Facebook page, Google +, Twitter, Manta, Hot Frog and other online spaces can draw people in or push them away. A freelance writer can tweak and tune your profile content to make it interesting, professional, and consistent across all your online points of presence.

Give your Resume a Facelift

If your resume isn’t using the right power words and putting enough emphasis on your career highlights and accomplishments, it may be getting lost in the shuffle. A freelance writer can bring out your professional best and help get you noticed by prospective employers.

Refresh Your Web Content

Some freelance writers have experience in writing website content that’s reader-friendly and helps improve how your site ranks in searches. Make sure you hire one who has some experience in web-writing – it’s different than writing for print publications.

Ghostwrite or Edit Your Blog articles, Newsletters and White Papers

I’ve met positively brilliant professionals who are enviable experts in their fields, but they don’t quite have a knack for communicating their know-how clearly to others. If that sounds like you, a freelance writer can help by taking either your bullet-pointed notes or rough draft and editing it so it flows smoothly, and captures and keeps the attention of your readers.

Fine-tuning High Profile Emails and Letters

When you’ve got an important message to deliver to key prospects, employees or customers, setting the right tone is nearly as important as the message itself. A freelance writer can help you by writing, editing and proofreading your communications so that they evoke acceptance and understanding from your readers.

And the list goes on….

If you decide to seek a freelance writer, keep in mind that they all have unique strengths and capabilities. Here are some things to consider during your search for the right writer:

  • Ask to see samples of their work; most credible writers will have websites that have a portfolio page available for review.
  • Rates can vary considerably from one writer to the next depending on skill level, demand and experience. As would any other professional services provider, freelance writers should provide you with a proposal that details the scope of work, agreed upon deadline (if applicable), rates and payment terms.
  • Protect your proprietary info with a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement. If the terms and conditions are reasonable, no legitimate writer will have a problem with signing one.

In what ways have you used freelance writers in the past? Do you intend to hire one in 2012?


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