An Unexpected Benefit of Being a Solopreneur

When I decided to follow the self-employment path, I had some expectations of the perks that would come with the territory…

  • Flexible schedule
  • Freedom to pursue the type of work I love most
  • Less drama and politics than in a corporate setting
  • More control over my workload

But there was one immense benefit of being a solopreneur that I didn’t see coming – new  friendships.

As a result of networking both online and off, working closely with clients and their clients, volunteering with community organizations, and joining local business groups, I’ve made a lot of professional connections. And in the process, I’ve made some near and dear friends. Friends who are ever-encouraging and truly understand the triumphs and terrors of being in business for yourself.

Don’t misunderstand…I love my non-business-affiliated friends from before I became a solopreneur, too. But I’ve found the friendships with roots that trace back to in-common professional experiences to be a directly positive influence on my attitude and motivation toward entrepreneurship.

Some ways my friendships formed from professional beginnings enrich my life include…

  • They provide a willing and experienced “sounding board” for sharing entrepreneurial thoughts, ideas and fears.
  • They help me sort through problems and challenges some other friends might not be able to relate to.
  • They sometimes guide me to professional opportunities I otherwise wouldn’t have found.
  • They show me how to laugh and maintain the fun in business even when the going gets tough.

Of course, friendship is a two-way street! I strive to return the same level of support and encouragement to my business-based friends.  It’s that healthy give and take that I believe makes these friendships so powerful and satisfying.

So, as you follow the road to being a solopreneur, expect your circle of friends to grow and change over time. But never ever force a friendship for the purpose of professional gain. As with any other friendship, one with its beginnings based in business should happen naturally – quite simply because you genuinely like each other.

Your turn! How has being in business for yourself changed your circle of friends? What professionally-related activities have led you to new friendships?

8 comments on “An Unexpected Benefit of Being a Solopreneur
  1. It’s funny because the clients I’ve met in the 2 years since starting my pet care business have become such an important part of my life. I get thank you cards and chocolates from some of them! Definitely a surprise after having previously dealt with corporate clients (from whom I never received any chocolate).

    I think that aside from the practical rewards like income, the daily interaction is the best part of what I do.

    • dawnmentzer says:

      Well now, Marcus…I didn’t know you have a pet care business. How did I miss that?! And how do I find clients who will give me chocolate? 😉

      What you shared reinforces what I’ve found to be true about being a solopreneur…I think small businesses are better able to connect with customers and clients on a more personal level. That’s a wonderful advantage!

      • I know, my daytime gig is kind of night and day from the blog you saw. The best of both worlds. Out in the sunshine during the day, back in the cave writing and designing the how-to videos at night.

        Maybe we should all just get paid in chocolate!

        • dawnmentzer says:

          Sounds like you’re plenty busy, Marcus. I think it’s great how you’ve found a way to enjoy all that you want to do! And I’m totally game for compensation by chocolate!

  2. I agree about making some great friendships! And not only that, one of my clients is a non-profit who I now do some volunteering for (non-social media stuff) because it’s such a worthwhile cause. Never would have happened had I not started supported them via SM.

  3. RE_Leader says:

    How would you feel about giving my web-site landing page the once over? Feel as if I need a refresh.

    • dawnmentzer says:

      Hi Tyler! Great to hear from you – and of course, I’d love to work with you on that. I’ll shoot you an email to find out when we can catch up by phone for a few minutes so I can learn a bit about what you have in mind. Thanks for reaching out! 🙂

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