Are You Squandering Your Time And Energy?

I can’t recall any event in my 52 years of existence that has distracted people more than this current presidential election.

Friends, family, acquaintances, and business contacts are on what appears to be a never-ending social media crusade to voice their disbelief, disappointment, dismay, and fury.

It’s their right.

We live in a country that allows and encourages free speech and free will. Amen.

However, I can’t help but wonder: How are they accomplishing anything at home or at work?

With vast amounts of energy spent:

  • Complaining;
  • Scouring the Internet for articles to support their viewpoints and confirm their suspicions; and
  • Arguing with others who don’t agree with them;

Are they able to capably focus on anything else?

None of us has limitless amounts of time or energy—especially freelance professionals and small business owners.

Every day, we have to choose on what tasks and which people we will spend our hours and effort.

If we don’t choose wisely, we don’t have anyone else to blame when we fall short on our goals.

I’m thankful for the freedom to spend my time and energy as I please. And I vow to exercise common sense in how I use those precious resources each and every day.

Squandering is not an option.

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