Best Small Business Practice – Handwritten Note Cards

I’m amazed at the breadth of best practices and tips that I pick up from listening to what my fellow entrepreneurs and business

Best Practice: Handwritten Note Cards

Best Practice: Handwritten Note Cards

professionals have to share. I’d be lying if I said I implement all that I learn, but that wouldn’t be remotely true – or even possible. I act on some things, but then there are others…others that are worthy, but fall into the “Yeah, I’ve got to try that!” pile of great ideas that I might never follow through on. Sound familiar?

To help minimize the gap between good intentions and actions, how about this idea:

Make it a priority to incorporate one small best practice learned from another business into how you do business at least once a month.

Notice, I said “small” best practice. I’m not advocating large scale, monumental adjustments. Simply listen and learn from the other entrepreneurs and businesses around you. What little unique touches are they applying to their marketing, sales, and customer service activities that make them stand out from their competition?

Here’s a short video clip that shares one best practice that I’ve picked up from motivational speaker, business coach, and author Dave Romeo of  Primary Seminars & Coaching who I met a few weeks ago at a local networking event…

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