Brace Yourself…Being a Solopreneur can be a Bumpy Ride.

As rewarding as being the master of your own destiny – and work schedule – can be, a fair share of challenges come with Gainmindshare.docxbeing a solo-professional.

My thanks to Charles Harper of for inviting me to guest blog about the common challenges that solopreneurs of all sorts are likely to face at one time or another in their careers.

I invite you to check out my post on GainMindshare:
So You Want to be a Solopreneur? 5 Challenges Every Solo-Pro Needs to Prepare For

If you’re just starting out as a solopreneur or freelance professional, I hope it gives you a helpful heads up so you can  better navigate the sometimes rocky road of self-employment.

And, if you’re a seasoned solo-pro, please share about your experiences and challenges. Your insight could surely help others!

One comment on “Brace Yourself…Being a Solopreneur can be a Bumpy Ride.
  1. Hey Dawn, your post was really rocking. I think so much in our society is instant that we get into stuff and just expect it to work in 30 minutes like a good sitcom. But you come to find out that some stuff doesn’t work until you’ve made enough mistakes or until you stick with it for a while.

    In the meantime, you go through doubts, cash flow shortages, and the like. I am trying to teach my kids this lesson that is seemingly taking a lifetime to learn. You have to stick with stuff and be willing to take beating sometimes before you reach the promised land. Thanks again for a killer post article.

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