F is for “Freelancing”…and 8 Other F-Words Freelancers Can’t Ignore

F is for “freelancing,” and it also stands for a few other words that strongly represent what being a freelancing solopreneur isF-words for Freelancers all about. As today is a Friday, I thought it appropriate to keep the tone light and the content fun with a list of some fwords that freelancers and all solo-pros can relate to:

Faithful – When you make freelancing your career choice, you need to faithfully show up for work – physically and mentally – every day and stay the course.

Focus – Distractions are a freelancer’s worst enemy. Your level of productivity and progress toward your goals depends on your ability to block out the noise and remain on task.

Fastidious – As a freelancer, you always need to be on top of the details and aim for accuracy in all you do.

Frustration – It goes with the territory. There are times when not all will be going your way and you won’t like it one bit.

Failure – You’ll succeed at some things as a solopreneur, but you’ll also fail at times as you grow your business. Realize that you can learn from those moments and become better and more successful as a result.

Fair – To earn a reputation as someone other professionals like to do business with, you need to be fair in how you treat all people. Don’t jump to conclusions or judge based on first impressions. Don’t make mountains out of mole hills.

Firm – As a freelancer, you offer value. Project confidence in what you bring to the table and stand firm when the occasional prospect questions your worth and puts you up against the wall for a lower rate. It’s not always easy to hold your ground, but never undervalue your expertise and services.

Fears – Like every small business owner, you’ll encounter uncertainty and risk that could threaten your ability to succeed and sustain your business. It’s scary. Don’t feel inferior for having fears. The important thing is that you face them head on and do what needs to be done to overcome adversity and move past what stands in your way.

What other F-words can you add to the list? I drew the line at 8, but I know there are probably 800 more!

by Dawn Mentzer

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