Lessons That Being a Mom Has Taught Me about Being in Business

Something that all solopreneurs come to realize while running their own solo businesses is that their “personal” and 20130330_144915“professional” lives are in many ways one. Though that’s not always a good thing – overall it brings enrichment and rewards to both sides of the coin. And being aware of that can make you appreciate the breadth of experience you’ve got in your life – and make you a more aware and effective business owner.

So with Mother’s Day upon us, I reflect on how the lessons I’ve learned from being a mom have been helpful in business as a solopreneur:

  • Clear communication is key.

Explaining the what, where, when, how and why is the way to gaining understanding and acceptance of your ideas, recommendations, and – in some instances – demands.

  • Assuming understanding doesn’t work – you need to check it.

This is a two-way street. Make sure that others understand what you’ve explained to them…and make sure that you understand what others have explained to you. Otherwise, expectations might be different and no one will be pleased with the end result.

  • You can’t always be the “best friend.”
    There are times when you need to stand your ground and stick to decisions – even when they aren’t popular.
  • Plan and prepare, but realize that sometimes you need to go with the flow.

Having a strategy and setting goals for your business is essential, but occasionally the unexpected will upset even your best laid plans. Learn to be nimble and flexible so the unforeseen won’t paralyze you.

  • You won’t always feel appreciated – but that doesn’t mean you aren’t.
    At times, you might find yourself working hard without much incoming acknowledgement of your efforts. Don’t take it personally. Just because people don’t always freely show their respect or gratitude, doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate you or the work you do.
  • You need to fulfill your promises to earn trust.
    When you say you’ll do something, you need to follow through.
  • The little things make it all worthwhile.
    Sometimes it’s not the big victories – but the day-to-day little perks – that bring the most happiness. Recognize and appreciate what you have to be thankful for – and let it fuel your enthusiasm for the path you’ve chosen to follow.

Happy Mother’s Day! Wishing that all of you – mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers – in business find time to celebrate your personal and professional successes.

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