Marketing Essentials Round Up: What Every Small Business Needs!

Last month, I contributed a series of 4 articles to SCORE for their Small Business Success Blog. The topic they asked me to

address is one near and dear to my solopreneurial heart: “What Marketing Essentials Do I Need?” Like just about every other small business owner I know, I ask myself that question ALL the time.

Marketing your business services, your brand and you the entrepreneur is a continually evolving process. Just when you think you’ve got “a system” in place, a new media platform or trend seems to come out of nowhere to unsettle the market dynamics – and sometimes your marketing self-confidence gets shaken as well.

So beyond the subject and points in each of my guest posts, there’s one over-arching essential none of us can ignore: Adaptability.

Keep an open mind, be flexible and don’t resist change when marketing your business. Your willingness to harness new tools and to tailor your marketing activities to meet morphing customer expectations will help you stay relevant and approachable – two traits that will never go out of style!

If you haven’t already read my guest posts, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to check them out, and let me know what you think…

What Marketing Essentials Do I Need?

Part 1: A S.W.O.T.

Part 2: A 2-Way Marketing Mindset

Part 3: A Grasp on Your Value Proposition

Part 4: A Manageable Social Media Presence

What else have you found essential to successfully marketing your business?


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