Marketing Isn’t Magic: 8 Things It Can’t Do For Your Small Business

Marketing and Magic Aren’t the Same.

Whether you hire out some of your marketing activities and initiatives or plan and execute them on your own  as a solopreneur or small business owner, marketing can do a lot to further your business, but it can’t make miracles happen. Some small biz owners are quick to blame marketing platforms and tools when their businesses aren’t gaining the reputation they want or acquiring the new business they’ve set their sights on.

Marketing usually isn’t the only problem though. Marketing isn’t magic.  It can’t fix what’s broken or neglected in a business.

What marketing can’t do…

  • Make a crappy product or service not crappy.
  • Build relationships for you or repair professional relationships that have gone downhill.
  • Tell you to respond to prospective clients’ emails in a timely manner.
  • Do its job without an investment (time, money, or both) from you.
  • Make you deliver what you promise on time.
  • Be successful without consistency in exposure and brand message.
  • Change your company culture into one that your target market can relate to.
  • Reach your audience online if you’re not using the same channels they use.

Problems in business need solutions, not a scapegoat.

Do you know anyone who has blamed marketing for what isn’t going well in their businesses? Making marketing your “fall guy” isn’t only unfair, it’s downright dangerous.  While at face value it’s less painful to ignore what else might be wrong within your business, getting to the core issues stands as the only way to get started on the changes that will move you forward. Building a strong professional reputation starts with paying attention to what clients want and delivering it. Marketing can help you project your brand message, amplify what you do best, and expand your reach – but it can never make you what you’re not.

Your turn! Have you met people who seem to by default blame marketing whenever their businesses fall short?

By Dawn Mentzer

2 comments on “Marketing Isn’t Magic: 8 Things It Can’t Do For Your Small Business
  1. Such a pet peeve of mine, Dawn! Quick litmus test the next time someone complains about their marketing (adwords, postcards, smoke signals, etc) not working…

    Ask them to describe their niche. 9/10 times they’ll come back with something like “graphic design for small businesses” or “real estate services for people who live in Los Angeles.”

    Unfocused, unremarkable businesses create unfocused, unremarkable marketing.


    • dawnmentzer says:

      Ah yes, Marcus…Excellent point! Good business strategy has to come before a marketing strategy. Love your remark, “Unfocused, unremarkable businesses create unfocused, unremarkable marketing.” You need to post and tweet that one across your Diagramified social channels – before I do! 😉 J.K., I would absolutely give credit where credit is due!

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