Never Forget A Friend—Fortune Cookie Friday

I hadn’t expected it, but after starting my career as a freelance writer, my circle of friends evolved. Others who went from working for someone else to making aFortune cookie wisdom living through self-employment have told me they’ve experienced the same thing.

As you learn and grow as a solopreneur, your interests, needs, and perspectives change.

It makes sense that who you choose to spend time with and confide in will undergo some alterations. And friendships formed through our businesses can influence us in a big way—personally and professionally.

This week’s fortune, “Never forget a friend, especially if he owes you,” seems a bit cynical at face value.

But if you think more about it, when framed in a small business sense, it’s not. Friendship is about giving—and taking. It’s about balance.

But I know solopreneurs who, while they don’t have any qualms about lending an ear and helping hand, have difficulty asking for help or guidance in return when they need it.

That’s why I choose to see this week’s nugget of wisdom from takeout as a reminder that it’s OK to ask for reciprocity. It’s OK to not always be the strong one. It’s OK to ask for a little help from your friends.

Your turn! How have your friendships and circle of friends evolved since you’ve been self-employed?


By Dawn Mentzer

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