Optimizing Content on Social Media: What Marketing Tactics Are Making Good Things Happen [Study Results]

As small business owners and marketers, producing content is just one step in the process of using it to help us reach our business goals…We also need to take steps to optimize it to get it in front of as many eyes as possible in our target markets.

Software Advice has partnered with Adobe in launching a  Social Media Content Optimization Survey to find out what marketers’ most effectively achieve through social media, which tactics work best, and more. They’ve been so kind as to share the information they’ve gathered so far, so I can share it with you.

While the Social Media Content Optimization Survey is still open, the early results show some interesting trends…

    • Marketers say that using images and photos is the most important tactic for optimizing content on social media.


    • Nurturing relationships, increasing brand awareness, and growing followers are top outcomes of optimizing social media content.


  • Generating leads and driving direct-response sales are least-impacted by social media content optimization.
According to Ashley Verrill of Software Advice who is leading the study, “Our survey results showed that images and photos are among the effective elements for ensuring your social media content is successful towards campaign goals–particularly when combined with #hashtags, username callouts and @-mentions that allow you to target specific people.”


Which social media content optimization tactics are working?

Here’s how they stack up according to the respondents so far…

Most effective social media content optimization tactics


What do marketers find social media most effective at accomplishing?

Here’s what survey participants have said they’ve gained through their social media efforts…


Top outcomes of social media marketing
Do the most effective tactics and accomplishments shared by the respondents match what you’ve experienced in your social media efforts? I’ve found much of what the participants have shared to be true in my solopreneurial business…although I’d score “generate leads” a bit more favorably.


Social media success: What does it mean?

“Success” with social media can mean different things to different people. It all comes down to expectations and aspirations.


Verrill explains, “As far as what ‘success’ means for social media marketers when it comes to optimizing content, most are using the medium for nurturing relationships with existing customers over driving direct sales–hence the emphasis on using tactics that target specific people and groups; It’s a more personalized means for connecting with customers. At the same time, marketers said social content optimization is really important for building brand awareness. I think this is actually very connected to their efforts to nurture relationships because the more they can get customers talking about their brand, the more that customer’s friends, family and social circles will be exposed to it.”


For more information about the survey results, please visit the related post on the B2B Marketing Mentor blog by Software Advice.


By Dawn Mentzer
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