“Recognition is the greatest motivator” -Fortune Cookie Friday Small Biz Wisdom

What motivates you to do your best?


You know, the thing that kicks you in the pants and makes you want to trudge onward in your small business despite setbacks, exhaustion, and naysayers?Fortune Cookie Fortune


Is it the lure of the dollar bill? Is it the satisfaction of building something from the ground up?


Is it recognition?


For the most part, I think this week’s fortune, “Recognition is the greatest motivator,” rings true for many solopreneurs and small business owners.


When I started out as a freelance writer in 2010, making big bucks wasn’t what drove me the most. Yes, I wanted to succeed. But as a realist, the financial component didn’t monopolize my thoughts. I certainly wanted to earn respectable income writing, but first and foremost, I aspired to become recognized in the market as a writer worth hiring.


Most startup business owners I know are driven by the desire to gain the confidence of their customers and prospective customers. They know that by delivering exceptional services and products, their businesses will grow and evolve. Increased recognition and respect (which leads to incrementally increasing financial success) drives them.


Dreams of fame and fortune might serve as the primary motivator for some of us, but most of us are a bit more professionally pragmatic. We realize aspiring for recognition is Step 1. The rest will follow over time, with patience, and after a lot of hard work.


Your turn! What motivates you to push forward in your business?

By Dawn Mentzer (a.k.a. The Insatiable Solopreneur™)

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