Social Media Reminder: Perception, People and Patience

Social media seems like such a natural fit for some small businesses. Coffee shops, gyms, photographers…they’ve got plenty to share – and show – to get fans and followers interacting.

But what if your business isn’t all that terribly “sexy”?

Social Media Today’s blog post, Six Social Media Tips for Business Owners in Boring Industries, gives some really helpful tips on what to consider – and what to do – if you’re thinking no one would ever want to engage with you and your brand online.

A couple of takeaways and additional thoughts on the topic…

  • So what’s a sexy business anyway? Exactly! Sexy is in the eye of the beholder, so don’t crown yourself the King or Queen of Boring Businessville. There are people out there who will find what you have to share interesting. Just be sure you’re doing your part to provide content that is helpful to them –and on a consistent basis.
  • People do business with people. That’s where I really believe solopreneurs and small business owners – regardless of industry – have the advantage in social media. You can more easily build relationships and establish yourself as a trusted advisor. Your fans and followers feel more connected to you through your sense of humor, sharing of expertise and however else you demonstrate the unique you online. The key is to be real. Relax a little and make social media about making conversations.

And if you do that, guess what? When your followers need the types of products or service you provide, they will have you top of mind as the business they want to do business with.

Building momentum on social media takes time. Some types of businesses will need to put in more of it than others before they see results. But the keys to getting there are the same for everyone.

You need patience and follow through.

Building relationships offline doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t expect it to happen quickly online either.  On any social media platform, you need to earn trust and respect for your business.


That means:

  • Be present – don’t build a profile and let it sit idle.
  • Be responsive – reply to comments, questions and problems that your followers post on your social media platforms.
  • Reciprocate – show support to other businesses that have liked and commented on your posts or tweets; interact with their social media pages.


Your turn: If you’re in a business that may not seem overly exciting, how have you used social media to generate interest and engagement?


2 comments on “Social Media Reminder: Perception, People and Patience
  1. Agreed. Small business owners have a much better chance in building lasting relationships with their customers and clients because the level of interaction is more intimate rather than a global brand trying to engage with millions at one time. The key in creating thought provoking and an engaging social media presence, as in any business, is a niche. As you wonderfully stated, the niche is being the real you.

    • dawnmentzer says:

      Thanks, for your comment! I completely agree that being genuine can go a long, long way in building solid rapport with your audience. There’s so much to be gained from being real. 🙂

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