Solopreneurs: Boost Your Biz with a Technology Tools Training Plan of Attack

We assume many different roles as solopreneurs to keep our businesses running day in and day out. Bookkeeper, Sales Account Manager, Customer Service Representative, Marketing Director, Technician…and the list goes on! Fortunately, there’s a plethora of free or low-cost technology tools available to help us.

Unfortunately, we’re very busy doing what we do. And so, we often don’t take the time and effort to learn how to use the very apps and platforms that could expand our reach, help us build stronger relationships with our customers, and that could save us far more time than we invest in conquering the learning curve.

Confession and new approach

I admit that I’m guilty of it. Though I’ve made reasonably good use of several tools, there are still a few on my list that I’ve failed to follow through on. So I’ve created a technology toos training plan for myself. Just like planning my work for clients and other key business activities, I’ve put my technology research and training on my calendar. I know me – and I know that if I don’t schedule it; it won’t happen. And that means I could be missing out on landing some key business opportunities and running my solo-business more efficiently.

What about you?

Have you set aside some time this year for learning new tools? If you haven’t, think about your business goals first, and then seek out tools that can help you accomplish them.

  • Do you want to start a blog? Maybe learning the WordPress platform is a good fit.
  • Are you aiming to expand your social media presence? Getting proficient at Hootsuite, Buffer or Tweetdeck could help.
  • Do you want to get a better grasp on your website’s impact on generating leads and sales? Explore how to do that through Google Analytics.
  • Will you be stepping up efforts to take on more client projects? Perhaps productivity and collaboration tools like Evernote, Dropbox and newcomer Commonfig should be on your agenda.

On my list…

For 1Q2013, I’ve got the following tools on my “to tackle” list…

IFTTT – For the sake of efficiency and better day-to-day management of incoming emails and collation of important information, I should have moved on this one months ago when my friend Peter Abraham first brought my attention to it. And now that Peter Cuce of Project Latte shared his IFTTT experience with me, I know I should no longer wait! I’m scheduled to start using it by February 9.

Triberr – I had GREAT intentions of becoming well-versed about this blog amplification platform a few weekends ago. Guess what. It never happened because I didn’t put it on my calendar! Check out Daniel Sharkov’s article on Reviewz N Tips to get a feel for the potential.  I’m scheduled to get a grip on it by March 9.

Feel free to hold me accountable and check back to see if I did what I’ve professed to do. And after you’ve set your technology tools training goals, consider making them public to give you that extra incentive to stay on track.

Your turn! You’re welcome to post your own technology tools mastery goals here, and let me help you stay accountable. Post the tool(s) you plan to learn, your target completion date, and the best way to contact you. I’ll keep a log and send you a note or give you a call to see if you’ve done it. 

2 comments on “Solopreneurs: Boost Your Biz with a Technology Tools Training Plan of Attack
  1. John Neilson says:

    Reblogged this on Local Biz and commented:
    Fantastic Post .. checking out Commonfig…

    • dawnmentzer says:

      Thanks, John! I appreciate it! What impresses me about Commonfig, is that they’re constantly enhancing and adding features. I really haven’t used it nearly to the extent that I’d like to in the future. I think part of my technology tool plan in the near future needs to be further growing my Commonfig network. I discovered them via my social media channels, and found that they really do practice what they preach about developing mutually-beneficial professional relationships – after taking the time to learn about what I do, they asked me to work with them on scripting their video tutorials. 🙂

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