The Solopreneur’s Extended Circle of Thanks – Where Credit is Due

The SCORE Small Business Success Blog just recently posted Giving Thanks by Jeanne Rossomme. It’s a wonderful article that reflects the things that we, as entrepreneurs, should be thankful for during this holiday season (and really all year round as well).

Her words got me to thinking more about what I, as a solopreneur, am thankful for. I agree 100% with who she included on her list, and I’d like to elaborate and expand upon it just a bit.

First, the folks Rossomme mentioned in her article:

  • My clients – I really do owe them a debt of gratitude. As a solopreneur who ventured into the freelance world after nearly 20 years of corporate employ, I am humbled that they’ve put their trust and dollars in me as I reinvented myself and officially became a professional freelance writer.

Have your clients given you opportunities over more seasoned professionals because they could see your potential and trusted you?


  • My mentors – Specifically those at SCORE Lancaster who have encouraged me, and who have given me the volunteer opportunities to polish my leadership skills and expand my knowledge about small business.

Who has inspired and challenged you to be the best you can be?


  • My team – Although I don’t have anyone “working for me”, I do have a committee of volunteers who assist me in the Marketing efforts at SCORE. They are self-sufficient, capable, skilled, reliable and enthusiastic about giving their time and talents. Without them, not nearly so much would be accomplished – and I’d be in a padded cell.

Who has helped you complete tasks and achieve goals that otherwise would still be sitting on your “to do” list?


Next, the other folks I believe also deserve accolades:

  • My family – My husband and daughter who sometimes find me sequestered in my home office working at odd hours of the day – and sometimes “in my own head” thinking and planning. Although my schedule as a freelancer is flexible, it’s also ultra-demanding when I add my volunteerism into the equation. Shane and Natalie have been amazingly supportive and generous in their understanding of this quirky new career path.

How has your family helped you throughout your entrepreneurial adventure?


  • My friends – I know it’s tough for them to understand that I can’t run out for coffee or lunch whenever they invite me to – no one really understands the demands of running a micro-business until they’ve experienced it for themselves – but my friends accept it. I’m blessed that they value my friendship regardless and realize that I care even though I’m not always as accessible as I’d like to be.

How have your friends supported you and tolerated your demanding schedule?


  • My social network champions – I’ve met some incredibly smart and supportive people via online social channels. I’ve learned from their expertise, have connected with great informational resources and have gained a broader audience through these amazing advocates of small business. They’ve been a source of professional development – and camaraderie.

What knowledge and opportunities have you found through your social media connections?


I’m thankful every day for all of these people, but it was nice to put some additional thought into it and reflect upon it just a bit more than usual. It’s uplifting to express gratitude – and I hope that all included here will feel just as good about receiving it.

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