What To Do When You’re Wishy-Washy About Writing About Yourself

Even writers who seem adept at writing about any topic can find themselves at a loss for words when it’s time to write about themselves. So, if you get stumped when faced with crafting a bio for a guest post, or creating a Linkedin profile, or writing content for your website, know that you’re not alone!

So solopreneurs, why is it so doggone difficult to write about ourselves and our accomplishments?

It makes us feel uncomfortable.
Bye, bye, comfort zone! A lot of people don’t enjoy shining the spotlight on themselves. While you don’t have to happily bask in the glow of drawing attention to yourself, as a small business owner you occasionally need to put yourself center stage. Sorry. It comes with the territory if you want to succeed.

We don’t want to sound like we’re bragging.
Humility can be an admirable trait, but not if it prevents you from rightfully highlighting your capabilities, skills and accomplishments.  If you’re honest and not obnoxious when sharing what you can do and what you’ve done, it’s not bragging. With the right tone, language and approach, you can communicate your best self without sounding self-centered.

We don’t know where to begin – or end.
So how much is too much to share with readers? Think about relevance to your audience and about how much content is appropriate for the forum in which it’s being shared. While you’re writing about  yourself, put yourself in your readers’ shoes and think about what they will find interesting and intriguing about you. You want them to respect you – and relate to you. Regarding how much content you should include, check out what’s the norm for the particular type of piece you’re writing. You can get away with sharing more on the About page of your website than you can in the bio that’s included at the end of a guest blog post.

We don’t think we’re worth writing about.
If this is at the root of your writer’s block, it’s time to get a reality check. Ask clients and colleagues what makes you someone they enjoy doing business with.  What is it about you and your services that brings value to them? And if you’re too shy to ask them directly, refer to the testimonials you’ve collected or ask them to write recommendations of you on Linkedin. You’re worth it – and if you won’t take your own word for it, take someone else’s.

Still not feeling warm and fuzzy about writing about yourself?  Then you might consider contracting a freelance writer to help you or enlist the assistance of a friend who is a good communicator. Getting a third party involved who can objectively sort through all the great things you have going for you and project them effectively in a compelling (but not self-absorbed) way can take the pressure off of you. Plus, it might give you a fresh perspective about you as a professional and bring you awareness of strengths and competitive advantages you might be overlooking.

What about you? What types of self-featuring writing has been most difficult for you?

2 comments on “What To Do When You’re Wishy-Washy About Writing About Yourself
  1. Tim Allen says:

    This made me chuckle. I just referred someone to you and mentioned how you do a great job of selling yourself without sounding like a braggart. Which is what she needs to do as well. Congratulations on being a good example of what you are talking about here! 🙂

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