Which Super Bowl Ads Scored in 2014? (Top 5 Picks)

Whether you love, hate, or are indifferent to football, you probably paid some attention to the Super Bowl TV commercials. And why wouldn’t you…they’re carefully crafted – and paid handsomely for – each year to capture the minds, hearts, and wallets of the well over 100 million viewers who tune in for any or all of the game. Even those of us who need to think twice to recall which teams played in the big game can quickly recount an ad or two from that day.

My west coast bud, Carrie Chwierut, and I checked in to compare which ads caught our attention from Super Bowl Sunday 2014. My top 5 picks are a good bit different from Carrie’s (just one in common). But when she explained why they won her favor, I could understand her selections…well sort of…but I’m still not changing my mind on my faves!

Anyways, we decided to make complementary blog posts to share the Super Bowl ads that resonated with us. No in-depth, deeply-rooted psychological analysis. Just what we liked and why. My picks are below, and then head on over to Carrie’s blog to check out her list.

How does your list of favorites compare with ours?

My List of the Five Super Bowl TV Commercials that Nailed It in 2014

1. Volkswagen “Wings” – This is one of the few that really stood out for me. Both memorable and effective at communicating their vehicle’s superior engineering. As the mom of a preteen daughter, I completely relate to conversational exchanges like the one this clever commercial is centered on. And I found the imagery of VWs unsuspecting staunch German engineers sprouting feathery wings and transforming into angels with rainbows shooting out of their bums incredibly fun. I liked the catchy musical accompaniment, too; the spot wouldn’t be the same without it.


2. Budweiser “A Hero’s Welcome” – I LOVED this one for its simplicity and purity. With footage of a real-life homecoming celebration Budweiser gave to one of our brave and selfless servicemen, it ends with the message, “Every soldier deserves a hero’s welcome.” I thought the imagery and messaging were perfectly crafted. There’s just enough of Budweiser’s branding (Clydesdales and signage on the horse-drawn beer wagon and street banners) to remind you of their involvement, but they don’t let that overshadow the focus of honoring the service of our military. You can’t help but get choked up when watching it. Budweiser surely made a personal and emotional connection with a lot of people via this ad.


3. GoDaddy “Bodybuilder” – Massively muscled bodybuilders (including race car driver Danika Patrick in a fake bodybuilding suit) run in unison through the city streets to the tune of a Disney-esque song (“It’s a beauteous day, a wondrous day. The flowers bloom and the animals play….”). All headed to a local spray tanning salon they found online (presumably, thanks to a website powered by GoDaddy). I love how they contrasted the menacing-looking athletes with the happy, happy, joy, joy music, and tied it all together at the end using their tagline/hashtag #itsgotime. While I’m no fan of GoDaddy, as a former amateur bodybuilder (believe it or not!), I was drawn to this commercial.


4. Doritos “Time Machine” – Another cleverly-crafted commercial sharing how people will do almost anything to get their hands on Doritos. This time, a little kid outsmarts a grown up by finding a most unique way to trick him into parting with his bag. Sharp kid. Naive adult. Usually a funny combination. This ad does it well.

5. Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee Seinfeld Reunion ad – Who hasn’t missed the bickering and banter between Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza in the “show about nothing”? This ad brings Jerry, George AND Newman together again at Tom’s, where the exchange between them is just like old times. Ahhh memories! Nostalgic and funny as it is, I think it will make folks want to check out the laughs on Jerry’s comedy web series.



And there you have it! My top 5 Super Bowl T.V. commercials in 2014. Remember to visit my pal Carrie’s blog to check out her list, too.

Your turn! Which five out of the many worthy candidates struck a chord with you?

2 comments on “Which Super Bowl Ads Scored in 2014? (Top 5 Picks)
  1. Bob Benhardt says:

    “Clydesdales and signage on the horse-drawn fire engine and street banners.”

    Sorry Dawn, it is a beer WAGON not fire engine.

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