Why I’m Not Setting Up a Google Plus Business Page – Not Yet Anyway

Available time wasn’t a luxury for me when Google made the announcement about the launch of Google Plus Pages. Initially, I felt like I was straggling in not quite getting around to it. But now I’m glad to have been an unintentional procrastinator.

After some opportunity to think (and read) about what a Google Plus page will do for me – and for my solopreneurial micro-business – I’ve decided NOT to set up a page. Let the throwing of rotten tomatoes begin here.

 I one-hundred percent agree that the business pages are a game-changer for brands – brands with a business name beyond that of the person who established them. As a solopreneur using my personal name as my brand however, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for me to create a Google Plus Business Page with the exact same name as my personal Google Plus account. I am my brand and – for now anyway – I see no advantage to having two of me on Google Plus.

  • My personal profile already shares who I am and what I do professionally.
  • Through my personal Google Plus circles, I can pick and choose who I want to share posts with. I don’t need a business page to – if I decide to – spare my friends and family members my small business observations, and my professional circles my bragging about my daughter’s report card.
  • I’m showing up in Google searches just fine.

Besides my present state of contentment with the status quo, I’m hard-pressed at present to find the time and energy to maintain yet another online point of presence. Google Plus (personal), Facebook (personal + business page), Twitter and LinkedIn are plenty for this one-man-band solopreneur. If I thought it would make an immense difference in my business potential, I’d be all over it – but right now…today…at this very moment…I just don’t see the value.


Disclaimer: I reserve the right to change my mind and withdraw my opinions at any time in the future as events unfold – and then, please circle my business page!


Have you set up a Google Plus Business Page yet? Why or why not?

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