Your Personal Brand: One Thing You Can Do To Get Closer To Super Star Status

At the 2015 CMT Music Awards, Carrie Underwood made history. Winning three awards, she reached a total count of thirteen in her career thus far. That’s more than any other country music artist.

Not a country music fan? Neither am I, but we can still admire and appreciate not only Underwood’s raw talent but also her hard work and determination in building her personal brand.

As an avid American Idol fan back in 2005 (I’ve since ceased watching—too much of a time commitment), I saw Underwood get her start. Without a doubt, she had the pipes, …but her panache for performing was, in my opinion, meh. While her voice blew me away, her performances lacked that special spark to form an emotional connection.

Still, she won big over the other contestants that season. And over the years, she has improved her stage presence to true super star status. Now, her performances are not only music to the ears, they’re visually and emotionally captivating.

As professionals of other sorts, we can learn something from Carrie Underwood.

No matter where we are in our professional development journey, we have raw talents that we should improve upon to wow our prospects and customers.

We always have room to hone our skills and build our knowledge so we can serve our clients more effectively and bring additional value.

What might your path to developing your professional prowess involve?

  • Fine-tuning proficiency in your craft
  • Expanding what you know about a service complementary to the one you provide (In my case for example, keeping up on SEO basics is helpful.)
  • Improving your project management skills
  • Becoming better at time management
  • Improving your networking skills
  • Working on your public speaking skills

And bringing additional value doesn’t only benefit our existing clients; it can put our businesses in a different league from our competitors.

Make professional development a priority, and you could likely:


No matter how accomplished you are as a professional, there’s always room for improvement—and always something to gain from the effort.


What improvements could you make that would help your clients and your business?

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