3 Reasons It’s Good for Business To Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Although it’s comfy to be settled into a space in time where you have everything under control and nothing’s upsetting the proverbial apple cart, inertia is never a good thing for your business.

As unsettling as the thought of it might be, extending yourself beyond your comfort zone regularly can help you grow as a professional and boost your business skills.

So, what does “extend beyond your comfort zone” look like? The view varies depending on your personality, past experience and adaptability to change. Stretching yourself could mean taking on a public speaking engagement (scary for lots of people), working on a type of project you’ve never tried before (but have the capacity to handle), going to a business mixer by yourself (deep breath as you walk in solo) or anything else that isn’t part of your normal, comfortable routine.

Why push yourself into something that might make you nervous?

1. Make new connections – Going outside of your circle of comfort will enable you to meet new people and bring awareness of your business to a new audience.

2. Discover new strengths – By stretching yourself, you’ll likely find that you’re better at something than you expected you would be. And if you’re not, well, then you’ve found a new appreciation for those who do take on that responsibility on a regular basis. Plus, you’ve added a new experience to your frame of reference.

3. Boost your creativity – When you take on a task or activity that’s atypical for you, you have to think a little differently and shift your perspective. That can open your mind, get your creative juices flowing, and help you generate new ideas.

Going beyond your comfort zone is an exercise in personal and professional exploration that can add color and vibrancy to your business. I encourage you to give yourself a little push over that line. While the other side is slightly frightening, what you stand to gain is well worth sucking up that initial fear.

How have you gone beyond your comfort zone? Please comment and share!

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