2 Small Things That Can Make a Big Difference For Your Facebook Business Page

There’s no shortage of blog posts with lists of do’s and don’ts for using social media in business marketing. While the “right” approach ultimately comes down to what works best with your audience, there are two things everyone with a Facebook business page should be doing:

1. Like other Facebook business pages – and be using Facebook as your business page when you click “Like”. Sure, it’s OK to like other pages via your personal Facebook account, but by liking under the identity of your business page, you’ll increase the visibility of your business. So get in there and start liking the pages of businesses in your target market, local businesses’ pages, those of businesses offering services & products complementary to yours, AND your competitors’ pages.

2. Like, comment and share posts on other business pages while using Facebook as your business page. Every time you do, you’re making your business known to an extended audience that you otherwise might not have reached. The more your business page interacts on other pages – in a meaningful way – the more exposure and credibility you give to your page and your business.

So, no long list. Just two simple tips that can give your Facebook page more mileage and drive interest in your business.

How do you get your Facebook page on the radar?

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