Fortune Cookie Friday: Business Advice in an edible wrapper – Ingenuity and Imagination

Today’s business wisdom within the fortune cookie that accompanied my take-out hot & sour soup…

“Your ingenuity and imagination will get results.”

Every day, solopreneurs need to apply some degree of ingenuity and imagination – sometimes in their professional endeavors, sometimes in their personal obligations and sometimes in both simultaneously.

Why? Because challenges happen in a small business and life. And as a solo-professional, you’re the person who has to decide the best course of action to overcome the obstacles you meet.

So let’s break down the roles that ingenuity and imagination play in prevailing as a solopreneur:

To me, ingenuity implies an ability to solve problems cleverly and perhaps unconventionally. As a business owner, you’ll encounter moments when there’s no clear answer to an issue. You might need to apply “out of the box” thinking to work around sticky situations and find solutions that are outside of the norm.

Imagination, the ability to think creatively, is in my opinion a prerequisite to ingenuity. You first need to develop the capacity to dream up new concepts and ideas before you can apply them to specific situations that demand them. Notice I said, “You first need to develop…” and not “You first need to have…” in talking about the capacity to imagine. We all have an imagination, but we often suppress it rather than embrace it.

Put them together, ingenuity + imagination, and results will happen – just like the cookie said.

To what degree to you find ingenuity and imagination important in your business?

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