5 Social Media Tips for Solopreneurs

Guest post by Rachel StrellaRachel Strella of Strella Social Media

I have to admit that the term “solopreneur” wasn’t fully clear to me until I researched it. As it turns out – there are a lot of solopreneurs and that number is rising fast. Being a one-person band, it’s really important to not only claim your digital space, but also to stand out in the online world. To help solopreneurs decide where to spend their energy, I’ve compiled a few tips that I believe are the most essential for social media success.

Establish Yourself on LinkedIn.
Being a solopreneur, your business’s brand is only as strong as your personal brand. That’s why LinkedIn is such as great opportunity. It’s essential for establishing professional credibility and reaching decision makers directly. Be sure to include a photo, a strong headline, and a personalized summary. It’s equally important to use LinkedIn to join professional development groups as well as groups that include your target audience.

Be Strategic in Your Social Media Efforts.
As a solopreneur, every minute of your time is precious, which is why you should not try to do it all on social media. Start with two or three channels that are most likely to include your target audience, and then build from there. This will make it more likely that you can consistently post and stay active on all channels without becoming overwhelmed.

Develop a Strong Content Strategy.

The best way to level the playing field and stand out from everyone else is to develop a strong content plan. Your plan should include how frequently you’ll post as well as the type of content that will best serve the needs of your audience. And content does not necessarily have to be written words. Play to your strengths. If you’re a strong speaker, YouTube may be an outlet that you can embrace without having to do much more work. If you’re a strong writer, perhaps a blog would be well-suited for you.

Schedule Time for Social Media.

A strong content strategy is a start, but it’s only effective if you take the time to execute it properly. Remember to consider when you’ll create and post content, as well! If you can commit to developing content for an hour a week, that’s a great start. From there, you can take advantage of dozens of free or low-cost tools, like Hootsuite that can help with posting. Also, be sure to set aside a few minutes each day to monitor and respond to social media comments.

Incorporate the Human Element.

People relate more to other people than to a logo or brand image. This gives solopreneurs an advantage over bigger businesses because you are the business. It’s easier for your personality to come through in your posts.

I’ve seen countless businesses spin their wheels with social media because they’re unsure of what they need to be doing or because they lack direction. Every minute is critical for the solopreneur – maximize your efforts by incorporating tactics that will give you the biggest return on your time investment.

Rachel Strella is owner of the Harrisburg-based company, Strella Social Media, specializing in social media social media management for small and midsize businesses.

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