6 Ways to Rock Your Week, Week After Week

Rock the weekIn response to me retweeting one of his tweets on Monday, one of my favorite quality content connections on Twitter, Brett Relander, responded with a “Thanks” followed by, “Rock the week!”


Rock the week.


While I’m typically self-motivated and ready to go on Mondays, those three single-syllable words gave me a little nudge. An added push to pick up what this week will lay down. It injected some extra motivation into my mindset.


So I got to thinking, what if we solopreneurs would approach every week with a “rock the week” attitude? What if we’d start every week with some fire in our bellies to dig in and do it like we know we can?


More importantly, how can we approach every week that way?


Reflecting on work habits that have helped me get enthused and stay productive, I’ve listed a few tips that might work for you, too.


Six Tips For Rocking Your Work Week

Get organized.

Have a plan for tackling what you need to do each day of the coming week. Schedule time for projects, tasks, and meetings on your calendar. By having a plan for getting things accomplished, you’ll minimize the risk of things slipping through the cracks.

Leave some wiggle room.

Even the best-laid plans go awry. Impromptu, last minute projects. Requests for changes to work already submitted. Unexpected RFPs needing near-immediate attention. Technical issues. All of those things take time you didn’t plan on spending. By building some unspoken for time into your schedule, you can address the unexpected without falling too far behind.

Get energized.

Pump yourself up for the week ahead. Play some music by your favorite artist. Watch a motivational video. Listen to a motivational podcast. Read a motivational blog post. Even take a brisk walk or work out to get your blood flowing.

Eat like you mean business.

Fuel your body with the good stuff—veggies, high-quality protein, lots of water…you know the drill!

Reflect on what’s good.

Yeah, sometimes life as a solopreneur gets tough. But there’s always something to be thankful for. Consciously embracing an “attitude of gratitude” really can shift your perspective and make challenges and business roadblocks less intimidating.

Keep your eye on the prize.

Stepping away from the minutia to focus on the big picture can help, too. Rather than viewing tasks and projects as “just work,” instead view them as serving a greater purpose.

  • Opportunities that can lead to larger, more lucrative opportunities.
  • Revenue to get you closer to your financial goals.
  • Opportunities to demonstrate your expertise and build your professional reputation.
  • Activities to make your business operate like a well-oiled machine.


No secret formulas or rocket science here, but hopefully some actionable advice that could make the difference between a “blah” week and one that rocks.


Rock on!


How do you keep your motivation from waning and productivity from slipping in your business? Please share your tips here!


By Dawn Mentzer (a.k.a. The Insatiable Solopreneur™)



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