Are You on the Right Track with your Social Media Efforts? A 3-Point Checklist

There’s no arguing that the many social media platforms out there have both subtle nuances and in-your-face differences. But regardless of which ones you’ve tapped into for your small business, there are attitudes and approaches that are universally helpful in moving your brand forward.

Fail to embrace these practices as a solopreneur, and you could find yourself spinning your wheels…

  • Be about “them” not you

In spite of the multitude of articles and posts that have preached about NOT using social media as a one-way advertising tool, many small brands continue to push their sales messages to their audiences. That’s OK now and then, but people will tune you out if that’s all you do. Nobody likes a “Me, me, me” kind of person…and they don’t appreciate that in a business either! Instead, focus on providing info that will help, inform or entertain your followers. Tips on this or that, hot news that’s relevant to your industry and your clients, local events, etc. Give them something of value and interest, and they’ll keep coming back.

  • Respond

Ever leave a well-thought comment on someone’s blog post or a question on a Facebook page, only to be ignored? It sucks. If someone takes the time to read your post and even more time to provide input and feedback, the least you should do is acknowledge that you received it – and that you appreciate it. Yes, I know, you’re busy and it can be a challenge to keep up. If finding time to check for commentary is a problem, adjust your account settings so you receive notification of interactions via either email or your mobile device. Not only is it good manners to respond, it’s also important for projecting that you care. I know you do!

  • Reciprocate

When you’ve got fellow business fans, followers, G plussers, connections or pinners who regularly like, share, and comment on your posts, return the favor. Social media gives us a wonderful opportunity to generate good will in that way – and that can be exceptional for business. By simply reciprocating on a consistent basis, I’ve garnered new project opportunities and gained referrals. That said, be genuine and put some thought into it. Select to acknowledge and pass along content that you truly do find interesting or informative.

Social media is absolutely a two-way street, so don’t miss the mark by ignoring these ever-important ways to move your online presence in the right direction.

What do you think? Are there any other best practices that apply across all social media platforms? 


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