Could Your Business Make It Without A Website or Social Media?

 Having a kick-a$# web presence can do a lot for solopreneurs and small businesses. There’s no shortage of compelling reasons to have a killer website and actively interact on social media. But competitively critical as they may be, there’s one thing that serves as the ultimate factor for success: Quality service that makes you the talk of the town.

Example in action
While researching and writing content for a web app focused on directing business travelers to local hot spots in particular communities, I happened upon Yelp reviews of a little bakery in Hazleton, PA. Aside from its limited business-specific info on Yelp, Senape’s Bakery has no other online presence. No website. No Facebook page. No Twitter. No blog. No Google+. No Pinterest. Just 12 reviews on Yelp that got me interested enough to give the owners a call to find out if they have any other real estate online.

Senape’s has been around for a long time, and has become a favorite of both locals and visitors alike. Why? Not because of its well-thought business development strategy and prowess in the digital marketing realm. Senape’s has a stellar reputation because it has consistently produced quality products at reasonable prices throughout the years. Apparently people go ga ga over its house specialty, “pitza” (cold pizza bread of all things), and will travel miles and miles to buy it fresh.

Senape’s doesn’t run Pay Per Click ads on Google. They don’t tweet daily specials. They just do what they set out to do exceptionally well – bake for people who like to eat.

Simple. Effective.


Although most of us in our businesses – for a variety of reasons – do require more of an online presence than does Senape’s Bakery, we can still learn from their example.

Deliver excellence in all that you do for your clients, and your business reputation – on- and off-line – will keep them coming back for more.

Your turn! Know of any other businesses that have succeeded without any significant online presence? What makes them stand out from their competition?


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