Be Like a Tree in Autumn: Shed to Grow Your Business

Right now in Lancaster County, PA, the leaves are in the process of turning from green to hues of orange, yellow, and brown. Autumn leaves Fall is a beautiful time here…and it’s a season that offers a lesson in professional and personal development.

Solopreneurs: Don’t be afraid to “lose leaves.” Shed to grow!

Just as trees need to shed their old leaves to advance to the next stage of their lives, so do we need to at times shed to grow and prosper. Not everything  – no matter how well it suits us at one time or another – can continue to be an ongoing part of who we are and what we do. Sometimes we have to let go to move onward.

As a solopreneur, I think it’s particularly important to know when enough is enough and to recognize when something has run its course.  You have limited time and attention as a solo biz owner. There’s no time for what no longer serves you and your business well.

Just as the trees are undergoing defoliation and ditching what they no longer need, I encourage you as a solopreneur to take careful note of what’s hanging from your branches. Do you see any “leaves” you should drop to become a more effective and efficient solopreneur?

  • “Busy work” you can eliminate?
  • Services that don’t align with your business vision and goals?
  • Clients who create more stress than is worth the income they’re bringing your way?
  • Colleagues who serve to deflate your confidence rather than build it?
  • Networking groups that don’t deliver a return that’s worth your time and effort? (Note: You first have to spend some time and effort on them before you can judge!)
  • Online social networks you can’t keep up with?
  • Personal habits – or lack of good habits –  that are holding you back (not getting enough sleep, eating junk all the time, not exercising…)?

As the leaves of Lancaster – and wherever you are – continue their transformation this season, think about what you might change to make your personal and professional life a little lighter.  You might not find it easy to say “goodbye” to certain practices or people, but find the strength to do it. Change is vital for realizing and reaching your potential!

What “leaves” might you shed to make your business move forward?

By Dawn Mentzer

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