Lighten Up! Business Humor To Cure What Ails You

After a take-no-prisoners week of working our @$$es off, I believe a little humor is in order. We’ve earned it, right?

And according to the Mayo Clinic, laughter brings both short-term and long-term stress-relief benefits including:

  • Increasing oxygen flow to vital organs.
  • Releasing stress-squashing endorphins.
  • Facilitating muscle relaxation.
  • Boosting immunity.
  • Easing physical pain.
  • Decreasing depression.

All the more reason to take some time out for a good belly laugh. And where better to go for one than the creative satire of The Onion?

Here are a few gems from “America’s Finest News Source” (in no particular order of hilarity) that poke fun at work and business.

I hope you’ll find them as therapeutic as I do:

  1. Website’s Built-In Search Engine Just Pathetic
  2. Heartless Monster Walks Out Of Local Small Business Without Buying Anything
  3. Woman Has No Business Being An Extrovert
  4. Report: Employees Most Innovative When Brainstorming Dramatic Quitting Scenarios
  5. Man Too Deep Into Sentence To Avoid Saying Word He Can’t Pronounce
  6. Job Applicant Blows Away Interviewer With Intimate Knowledge Of Company’s ‘About Us’ Page
  7. Going-Out-Of-Business Sign Thanks Neighborhood For 3 Months Of No Support Whatsoever
  8. HR Director Reminds Employees That Any Crying Done At Office Must Be Work-Related

I feel better already, how about you?

Now get back to work!

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