Struggles of Solopreneurship – Prepare!

Along with the opportunities and professional flexibility that come with being a solopreneur, so do struggles. Call them challenges, hurdles, or obstacles, but regardless of the nomenclature, they require extra effort and energy to overcome.

Struggles come in different sizes and varieties. They can impact one or more aspects of your business at a time. Dealing with struggles can be exhausting for independent entrepreneurs because while you’re busy fixing what’s broken, you’ve got to keep all else “business as usual”.

Some struggles you’ll likely encounter at one time or another as a solopreneur…

  • Juggling prospecting, work for clients, and administrative tasks
  • Technology fails (I can’t do squat without my laptop!)
  • Shortening the interval between proposal and signed contract
  • Too much work
  • Too little work
  • Unexpected expenses
  • Clients with unreasonable expectations
  • Unreliable vendors
  • Lack of self-motivation

The list could go on and on and on.

Although struggles happen, that doesn’t mean solopreneurship is more trouble than it’s worth. The best defense against struggles is to anticipate the things you might be up against and have some idea about how you’ll tackle them when they arise. So you’re not left scrambling in the moment when a struggle ensues, know in advance where you can go to get information and assistance (IT experts, specialty blogs, community resources, business colleagues, etc.). There’s no better way to manage the unexpected than to expect it!

Now you! What struggles have you faced as a solopreneur or small business owner? How do you keep things afloat while you’re putting out fires?

2 comments on “Struggles of Solopreneurship – Prepare!
  1. My latest struggle is spring even if it was expected. It is a great distraction! So much to do around the house and it is very nice being outside in the warm sunshine. Solution: next week I will leave my home office and go to work in the “real” office in town.

    • dawnmentzer says:

      I feel your pain! The warmer weather (and the weeds sprouting outside) tend to lure my mind away, too. I need one of those “real” offices! Luckily, our Main St. organization in our downtown is looking at starting a co-working space within the next year. That might do the trick! 😉 How far from home is your away from home office?

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