“Take a Chance” – Fortune Cookie Friday Business Advice

Not less frequently than every other Friday, I drive to one of our local Asian cuisine eateries, order some takeout, and get my hands on a fortune cookie. My reason? To translate the bit of wisdom inside into some sound business advice for solopreneurs and small business owners.

This week’s fortune:

“You will take a chance in the near future.”

You’ll notice it’s more of a prediction rather than guidance, but I can’t think of anything that’s more fitting to entrepreneurship. Taking chances can’t be avoided when starting and managing a business of any size.

As an entrepreneur, you plan, you project, but you can never really know that your business idea will succeed until you’ve actually taken the leap, launched it, and are living it.

I don’t advocate taking unnecessary risks if your due diligence turns up all sorts of red flags that wave signs of probable failure, but no business start-up is a “sure thing” no matter how good it looks on paper. There are factors – both within and outside of your control – that can make it or break it.

To increase your likelihood of making it, embrace the element of chance that comes with being a business owner. Recognize what could go right – and what could go wrong; then think through how you’d handle each scenario should it become reality. Above all, don’t let a fear of taking chances isolate you from acting on opportunities.

Remember, you’ve always got those lucky numbers on the flip side of your fortune to tip the scales in your favor!

Your turn! What are some of the biggest chances you’ve taken as an entrepreneur?

4 comments on ““Take a Chance” – Fortune Cookie Friday Business Advice
  1. loan says:

    I’m living in Vietnam and wish to take a good chance for business in Vietnam ,

  2. Mirriam says:

    Yes, I totally agree with what you said.I think that we should always be realistic. We should really have to plan things out in order to avoid issues. I also preparing a plan B will definitely help.Thanks for sharing this article.

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